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MADRIX 5 - How to solve Preview issues

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 5:51 pm
by Schulze
When running MADRIX 5 on an integrated graphics card (which is not recommended from our side!), the Previews for example appear with green lines or an "Invalid OpenGL" message will be displayed instead of the actual Preview.

Possible reasons for the issues:
- The Graphics card doesn't either meet the minimum system requirements for MADRIX 5 (OpenGL 2.1) or the graphics card driver is outdated.
- When using a system with two graphics cards, it could be that MADRIX 5 is not running on the "High performance" graphics processor.
- This is often the case for mobile devices such as latops, since they often feature an integrated as well as an dedicated graphics processor.

Possible solutions:
- The solution is to download and install latest graphics card driver from the manufactureres website.
- If you are running a system, which has two graphics card please make sure to always run MADRIX 5 on the "High performance" graphics processor.

Steps to perform in order to run MADRIX 5 with the dedicated graphics card:
1) Close MADRIX 5.
2) Peform a Right Mouse Click on the MADRIX 5 Application Icon.
3) In the context menu select "Run with graphics processor" and choose "High-performance NVIDIA processor" from the list.
4) Launch MADRIX 5.


1) Open the "Settings" via the Windows start menu.
2) Select "System" and navigate to the "Display" tab.
3) Click at "Graphics settings".
4) Select "Desktop app / classic app", use the "Browse" button and navigate to the "MADRIX.exe"
5) Now click at "Options" and choose "High performance" (the XXX graphics card should be available as "High performance")
6) Launch MADRIX 5.