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Stream Deck Plugin or Companion plugin

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2022 8:16 am
by sebkowski
Hi, i am designing gyms and integrating madrix within the lighting setup, amongst the fixture we have RGBWA+UV moving head, Displays and 8 universe of LED matrix.

The trainer during the gym class will control the entire setup via a stream deck, the controller need to give access to a multiple range of controls during the class, we have a chamsys plugin for stream deck companion to control moving heads, spotify plugin for the music playback, audio sounds bits plugin for audio overlays. Everything is pretty much ready to go for the dream control setup.

But i can't find any plugin for madrix. Is this in the pipeline? can we help out creating one? We have one software engineer whiling to help out internally. Any infos or guidance is appreciated.

Re: Stream Deck Plugin or Companion plugin

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2022 1:56 pm
by Schulze
Hi sebkowski,

Welcome to the MADRIX forum!

For now there is no MADRIX plugin for the Stream Deck. We will list your request as feature request.

Nevertheless you can utilize the existing remote control options in MADRIX 5 to control the software with a Stream Deck.
Those are for example:
- Art-Net / sACN

I'm pretty sure that there is a MIDI plugin for the Stream Deck (or Companion) software available which you can use. With Companion you can also send Art-Net data in order to control MADRIX 5 remotely.

Here you will find additional information: ... input.html ... l_dmx.html ... _http.html

I hope this helps you.