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ASIO hardware recommendations and question re MP3 playback

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ASIO hardware recommendations and question re MP3 playback

Post by jstjohnz » Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:56 am

Hello to the forum,

I am a new user of Madrix and am using it to control a 50x40 RGB LED matrix on my christmas display.

I am using a pixel controller that I have been developing for the past few months and am happy to report that it works perfectly with Madrix; E1.31 input and 16 pixel string outputs.

I have a few questions.

What (reasonably priced) hardware do you recommend that supports ASIO, as far as a PC soundcard?

Can I use an external (USB) soundcard to get ASIO output from an MP3 playback on the PC?

I plan to use the music to light functions extensively, with audio from MP3 playback. Will an ASIO sound card offer a significant improvement in M2L effect quality?

Also, is there a way to trigger an MP3 file playback from within Madrix? If not, what is typically used to create a stand-alone show with MP3 file playback synced to Madrix cues?

Thank you very much,

Jim St. John

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Re: ASIO hardware recommendations and question re MP3 playba

Post by Wissmann » Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:51 pm

Hi Jim,
the M2L and S2L quality depends on different paramter like capture rate, sample rate, sample resolution and latency.
So for all hardware this means a higher sample rate like 48kHz is better than 22kHz and a higher sample resolution like 16 bit is better than a lower like 8 bit.
For S2L this is not so much important as like as for M2L.
In booth cases the capture rate (how many informations per second) and the latency is very important. A low latency and a high capture rate means the light will be closer to the music.
Before MADRIX supports the WASAPI standard we recommanded ASIO because of lower latencies. But now with WASAPI support it doesn´t matter which one you choose. Booth have likewise latency.
In case of WinXP we still recommend ASIO because under WinXP WASAPI does not exists.
It is always difficult to give some hardware recommandations, because it is never possible to test all and if a hardware works on one system very well it doesn´t mean it will work in the same way on a different system.
Yes! You can use an external USB Audio device with ASIO support.
No! MADRIX is not able to playback mp3 files!
The best way to synchronize MADRIX to other is the use of Midi Time Code or remote control MADRIX with DMX/Art-Net/Midi.
LEDs are nothing without control ;-)

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