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Commercial Warranty And RMA Terms And Conditions


1st Edition – 04/2024



1. Commercial Warranty

Five years of limited manufacturer's warranty are granted for hardware products of the MADRIX brand starting from July 01, 2020 with regards to constructional fault, material defect, or incorrect assembly the manufacturer has caused or is to be held responsible for ('Warranty').

1.1. Covered Products


1.2. Recipient Of The Warranty

The Warranty is granted to the person or company purchasing Products which are and are declared as new goods for the purpose of first use from an authorized dealer or distribution partner, or directly from the Manufacturer ('Customer').

1.3. Manufacturer And Contact Details

The issuer of the Warranty is ('Manufacturer'):

Street / Number:
ZIP Code / City:

inoage GmbH
Wiener Straße 56
D-01219 Dresden


+49 351 862 6869 0
+49 351 862 6869 68
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1.4. Additional Notes Regarding Legal Warranties

Above granted rights of the Warranty are voluntary services for the Purchaser by the Manufacturer and are to be seen in addition to any rights that may be granted by local consumer protection laws and regulations.

1.5. Limitations Of The Warranty

  1. This Warranty will become void if a Product is opened, modified, or damaged through inappropriate handling, wrong usage, overvoltage, or damaged through any other cause. The technical specifications of a Product are listed in the printed Technical Manual that accompanies the Product in its retail packaging. The Technical Manual also describes normal usage; especially by listing safety instructions and regular use cases.
  2. This Warranty will also become void in case service on the Product, which is performed by anyone other than the Manufacturer or a Warranty service dealer approved by the Manufacturer, results in damage to the Product.
  3. This Warranty does not apply to a Product that has been disassembled, defaced, altered, subjected to abuse, neglected, or has by accident or not been exposed to incorrect supply of power or lightning strikes, or that has had its serial number altered or removed, or that has been connected, installed, or adjusted in a way other than in accordance with the instructions provided by the Manufacturer.
  4. This Warranty does not cover labor costs that might arise from removing the Product for repair (or later reinstalling it) or for any expendable parts that are readily replaced during normal use.
  5. The sole responsibility of the Manufacturer under this Warranty shall be limited to repair of the Product, or replacement thereof, at the sole discretion of the Manufacturer.
  6. If it becomes necessary to send the Product or any defective part to the Manufacturer, the Product has to be shipped according to the Manufacturer’s RMA Terms And Conditions (stated below).


2. RMA Terms And Conditions

2.1. Important Information

  1. Before returning any Product or item, a Return Material Authorization ('RMA') number has to be obtained by the Customer from the Manufacturer by contacting the Manufacturer in writing via email using the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. To make a Warranty claim, the start date of the Warranty ('Date') has to be proven to the Manufacturer with the dated invoice of the original Customer. If that document cannot be presented, the Manufacturer will calculate the Date by using the date the product has left the Manufacturer’s warehouse plus 30 calendar days.
  3. E-mail correspondence is sufficient for all such written communication.

2.2. Prerequisites

  1. Before an RMA number is issued, the Manufacturer will first contact and work with the Customer to try to resolve any issues.
  2. Only after it has been determined that the Product needs to be sent in, an RMA number will be issued to the Customer.
  3. The RMA number will be sent via e-mail together with a digital RMA Sheet.

2.3. RMA Procedure

  1. The Customer has to fill out the RMA Sheet provided by the Manufacturer completely and legibly.
    (The form can be filled in digitally using a personal computer.)
  2. The Customer needs to enclose a printed copy of the completed RMA Sheet with the returned Product.
    Alternatively, the completed RMA Sheet can be sent by e-mail. In this case, the Customer has to make sure that the corresponding RMA number is clearly and visibly marked on or added to the package.
  3. Products or items that have been sent to the Manufacturer without a valid RMA number can be returned to the sender; and if so at the expense of the sender.
  4. When returning several Products in a single shipment, the Customer needs to provide an individual RMA Sheet for each returned Product.
  5. The Customer has to return Products in packaging suitable for the transport. For any shipments, the address provided above is to be used.
  6. The Customer will take on all shipping costs of returning Products to the Manufacturer and will assume the transport risk, which usually can be insured. The Manufacturer will not assume responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during shipping.
  7. The Manufacturer will evaluate all returned Products according to the information provided by the Customer. Defective Products or parts that fall under Warranty will be repaired or replaced free of charge and the Manufacturer will pay the freight and shipping charges of sending repaired or replaced Products back to the Customer.
  8. Repaired or replaced Products will still be subject to the original Warranty period of the Product, which remains unchanged, but never less than 30 calendar days.
  9. In case the Manufacturer determines that there is no Warranty case because the issue, cause, or malfunction causing the issue is not covered by the Warranty and the claim is thus denied, or in case the Manufacturer cannot duplicate the problem itself or the conditions that have caused the return of the Product, an evaluation fee of 50.00 EUR will be charged.
  10. In case repair is still possible for Products from denied Warranty cases or failed evaluations, the Customer will receive a written offer with an estimate of the total costs. This offer needs to be confirmed by the Customer before any out-of-warranty repairs will be carried out. The Manufacturer's current labor rate is 100.00 EUR per hour, plus costs for the required parts.
  11. If the offer is denied by the Customer or no offer could be made, the Product will be returned to the Customer 'as is' and as soon as possible at the Customer’s expense for freight, shipping, insurance, and customs as applicable, or the Product will be discarded after 30 calendar days of written notification of denial at the Customer’s discretion.