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Connecting To LUTRON

How-To Video



In this short video, I would like to show you how easy it is to connect the MADRIX 5 Software to the LUTRON Homeworks QS or the LUTRON Quantum System.

Special thanks to Stefan Wohlfarth and Dennis Geitner at illuTRADE GmbH from Pößneck in Germany. illuTRADE is the German distributor of LUTRON.

All you need is a LUTRON Homeworks QS or the LUTRON Quantum System and a standard network cable. You simply use the cable to connect the LUTRON system and the computer that is running MADRIX 5 over network.

In the MADRIX 5 Software, you now activate the remote HTTP functionality for the network communication. In our case, we have chosen the standard port 80.

In the LUTRON Homeworks QS or the LUTRON Quantum System, you will need a free Ethernet device for the communication. The LUTRON systems provide 2 to 5 Ethernet devices.

In the LUTRON programming interface, we are creating a virtual IP port, which sends the HTTP commands to the MADRIX 5 Software.

In this screenshot, you can see how easily and quickly we have integrated the well-documented HTTP commands of MADRIX 5 into the LUTRON Homeworks QS.

We are using the 4 buttons of the Palladiom QS wallstation to start and stop the cue list, and to skip to the next scene or to the previous scene. To do this, you only have to assign the correct commands to the buttons in the LUTRON configuration.