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    Delphin Resort

    Venue: Delphin Botanik Exclusive Resort
    Location: Antalya, Turkey
    Manufacturers: Hera LED, Turkey / MADRIX, Germany
    Distributors: Hera LED, Turkey
    Installers: Hera LED, Turkey
    Architects: KRT Architect, Turkey
    Lighting / Visual Designers: Hera LED, Turkey


    The goal for the lighting concept of the Delphin Botanik Exclusive Resort simply was to integrate a comprehensive RGB LED lighting design for the entire building that made the hotel stand out from its competitors in the area and would be an entertaining and fun eye-catcher for guests and potential visitors.

    In the project, all balconies of the hotel are illuminated with our Ledstrip 30 RGB, functioning as 1 pixel. A total of 4260 meters was installed. The strips are used as RGB color fixture in combination with 655x of our X-CV3 constant-voltage LED drivers and each balcony is individually addressed using pixel mapping.


    Dynamic and colorful effects are also created with help of our PD60 RGB Pixel Dots on the roof and for the central domes. 12x Power Pack 320 are used for their supply of power. They are especially useful in projects with large cable lengths since they integrate a fully-isolated DMX splitter. The fact that all products are using the RDM protocol, ensured a successful commissioning process and group-wide remote addressing after the entire assembly process had been finished.


    1x MADRIX KEY professional control system communicates with 8x MADRIX LUNA 4 nodes that are distributed over large distances throughout the entire hotel via Ethernet and Art-Net. The lighting system had to be controlled from a single room and thus had to branch out to the different sections.

    A variety of lighting scenes has been written on a day-by-day and hour-by-hour basis in order to meet the client's requirements for the exterior lighting. In addition, lighting scenarios are accompanied by various scenes that run in sync with the music when required.


    Probably the biggest challenge was that the site of the hotel was very big. Coordination between the departments and communication between our experienced team came in handy with the help of radio sets. The project was completed in 3 months with an assembly team of 8 members working intensively.