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    Granada Luxury Hotel

    Venue: Granada Luxury Belek Hotel
    Location: Antalya, Turkey
    Manufacturers: Hera LED, Turkey / MADRIX, Germany
    Distributors: Hera LED, Turkey
    Installers: Hera LED, Turkey
    Architects: Mısırlıoğlu Architecture, Turkey
    Lighting / Visual Designers: Hera LED, Turkey


    The 5-star Granada Luxury Resort Hotel is a project of superlatives. While being grand in size and ultimately in the number of lighting products used, the preferred lighting style is carefully defined to a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin. As a result, the building that unites the neoclassical style with a modern architecture shines exclusively in a beautiful warm white.


    Our Ledstrip 30WW is used for 3435 meters with 720x separately addressed X-CV3 constant-voltage LED drivers on all balconies. 5323x PD60S 3000K Pixel Dots were used in hotel sections, floor finishes, and roof domes. They are thoroughly painted in colors that hide them in the walls and other elements of the building (white, cream, and blue). Also, a total of 11,779x PD130 3000K chain pixel products have been installed in interwoven patterns. Being a solution for helical surfaces, they ensure illumination on a homogeneous surface without creating shadows. In addition, 182x Procolor 35WW 3000K and 486x Procolor 10WW 3000K washers were used to accentuate the walls. All 3000K LEDs that were used work in the narrow MacAdam 2-step ellipse.


    The entire, automated lighting system with our special DMX relays is controlled by a full MADRIX system (7x MADRIX LUNA 16, 2x MADRIX LUNA 8, 1x MADRIX KEY ultimate). The very special visual appearance could be achieved by combining and controlling the different fixtures, or all 3000K, single-color lights. The concept has been design to complement the exterior illumination of the neoclassical and modern architecture as well as the detailed structures of the hotel.


    The large scale of the project made coordination with other departments that were involved difficult in order to provide trouble-free lighting at thousands of points without even a single cable being visible. In 35 m heights, the dome illuminations need to be installed by climber teams rappeling down from the top.