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    Venue: Nova Restaurant & Lounge
    Location: Allentown, PA, USA
    Manufacturers: Chauvet, USA / MADRIX, Germany / SONNEMAN, USA / Tirso Lighting, USA / WAC Lighting, USA
    Distributors: Inner Circle Distribution, USA
    Installers: Tirso Lighting, USA
    Lighting / Visual Designers: Tirso Lighting, USA


    For this project, we were responsible for not only for the lighting design but also for the design of the interior. We were commissioned by the managing partner of Nova Lounge to create a futuristic design that would create a great atmosphere for the guests and customers.

    We achieved this by designing a series of linear, aluminum light boxes. These aluminum structures where all built off site and delivered with all of the lighting already pre-installed. We took this approach to reduce the amount of days that this establishment had to close for. This business was only closed for 9 days while renovations were being conducted. We are pleased to say that the project was an overall success and that the end product we created speaks for itself.


    The lighting used was:
    7x SONNEMAN - Gotham Light Pendant,
    3x SONNEMAN - Gotham 5 Light Pendant,
    70x WAC Lighting - Summit Track Head - Black,
    200 Feet of Linear H-Track,
    1x Chauvet - EVE E-50Z Gobo Projector,
    1000+ Feet of RGB Led Strips,
    1x MADRIX NEO.


    In the end, a very distinct look was achieved by creating modern patterns that look intriguing on their own as decoration elements but even more so when the light comes on since they are back-illuminated.

    The control system we opted to go with for this restaurant was MADRIX. The MADRIX Software runs on its own dedicated computer from which the client has the option to use the touch screen and select presets or they can use a mobile, tablet-sized device which has an onboard app which can be used to trigger presets as well. This allows for very easy control of the system to choose from simple scenes with solid colors to more dynamic, pixel-mapped effects.


    Some of the challenges we faced in this project had to do mostly with building the aluminum structures and sourcing the covers that were made from a plastic. We did not want any seams on the face of the structure where the design lies. Therefore, we had to find a plastic that was 33 feet long for the longest piece and 18 feet long for one of the shorter pieces.