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    Tease Club

    Venue: Tease Club
    Location: Hotel Emporium, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Manufacturers: Lights Professional, Indonesia / MADRIX, Germany
    Distributors: NewVision Technology, Taiwan
    Installers: Hanny Harijanto, Lights Professional, Indonesia
    Architects: Sonny Sutanto, Indonesia
    Lighting / Visual Designers: Hanny Harijanto, Lights Professional, Indonesia
    Acousticians: Cubes Living, Indonesia


    The South-East Asian club scene is thriving. In this ever-changing environment, clubbers can enjoy plenty of options for diverse entertainment and a spectacular nightlife.

    For club owners, on the other hand, it is a highly competitive market. In order to stand out from the competition, the owner of Tease contacted Lights Professional and NewVisionTechnology. Known throughout the area for their expertise in controllable LED club projects exclusively with MADRIX lighting control systems, lighting designer Hanny Harijanto and programming expert CS Au Yong set out to transform the venue within 6 weeks.


    The cooperation between these two has long been recognized in the country and across borders for their ability to create unique designs as well as customizing LED fixtures. At the same time, the partners' track record promised stunning results right from the start. In order to keep up with the local club scene, an LED-heavy design basically was inevitable.

    Since the initial brief described a simple and straightforward setting and an ambience that shouldn't appear too crowded, Hanny Harijanto reverted to industrial design to achieve a clean yet distinctive look. The initial design inspiration simply came from water pipes. His intuition proved right since the final design fits the desired design aesthetic perfectly.


    A spacious ceiling of 27 meters by 12 meters in 8 meters height left plenty of room for creative ideas. Several meetings and three days later, a 3-layer concept was quickly approved.

    Long LED strips with a length of 10 meters each follow the horizontal lines of the roof. They make up the highest layer and form a 2D pixel mapping surface on the slanted ceiling, which in itself creates an interesting effect.

    Below that, 8 wrapped pipes form the second layer. 80-cm-long LED pixel tapes coil around PVC pipes.

    The lowest layer comprises of 3 huge cylinders that are 5 meters in length and have a diameter of 1.2 meters each. Customized LED pixel balls with a size of 2.5 cm are placed at 5-cm intervals.

    More than 2,500 m of LED strips and a total of 25,360 LED pixels were deployed. Because LEDs are more and more affordable nowadays and because they can be installed in larger scale than ever, not only is it the main design element, it is the focus point in the club now.


    Based on their years-long experience with the MADRIX lighting control system, the design was built with the capabilities of the software and hardware in mind. Vice versa and as planned for, MADRIX brings out the best in this design. The control system includes a MADRIX 5 KEY ultimate software package and 31 MADRIX NEBULA hardware interfaces. All LED lights are individually controlled, hence fully pixel mapped, and can be driven as a complete display, or each layer can be controlled separately.

    A vast variety of lighting effects was wanted and thus made possible, but in addition the lighting designers wanted certain parts of the lighting design to be able to show wording (text); even without an LED screen. The enormous cylinders allow exactly that.


    Patching and programming in the software was carefully undertaken and can be described as the most challenging aspect of the project due to the special fixture arrangement.

    The 3 separate layers do not only create a 3D effect, but the pipes and cylinders themselves are 3D as well. 3 lighting layers, different cylindrical structures, and multi-dimensional lighting make this project absolutely special.