Led strip not functioning properly

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Led strip not functioning properly

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I have used generic WS 2811 pixel with 2 different IC numbers. While one is functioning properly the other one behaves wierd after starting up.

1. While some effects are working properly , single colour effect is breaking signal in places.
2. Some strips start well but later few leds stop working or mixed colours starts appearing.

This is a fairly large project with 12 Nebulas. I am clueless on how to handle this.

Here are few things I have done already

Separated WS 2811 different ICS so each port is operating on a single IC number.
Changed frequency from 800 to 400 and still same issues.

I am based out of India , Please call me +91 99370 37568 or email me.

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Re: Led strip not functioning properly

Post by Guertler »

Hello prem,
Welcome to the MADRIX forum.

To analyze the problem more in deep we are in need of some more information
  • - Please double check the used power supplies first
  • - Can you please tell us how many pixels are feeded with a power supply and what power have the used onces?
  • - How often do you feed in the power at a stripe
  • - Please tell us the firmware version of the used NEBULAs
  • - Maybe you can post an easy drawing of your installation with all necessary infromation like data connections and power connections
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