Device Configuration Button Not Working

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Device Configuration Button Not Working

Post by mick_P »

The "open the Device Configuration" button is not working on version 5.6a ( on windows 11.
I have a nebula attached, via usb.
I have previously used this, but this is on a fresh install of Madrix on a new laptop.
When the button is clicked, the button turns dark gray, and has an orange surround, but no window opens.
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Re: Device Configuration Button Not Working

Post by Guertler »

Hello mick_P,
Welcome to the MADRIX Forum.

Thank you for this report.
With the release of MADRIX 5.6 the Device Configuration of connected MADRIX interfaces is relocated to usage of the MADRIX Hardware Manager and the webconfiguration of each device.
See release notes:

But of course in case of a USB connection of the MADRIX NEBULA the "open the Device Configuration" button should be disabled.
We will fix this issue in one of the next MADRIX releases. Sorry for that bug.
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