Using Madrix to trigger SPFX

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Using Madrix to trigger SPFX

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Is there a way to trigger cryo jets/confetti using a hot key or midi button in Madrix?

I have a client that is currently using Madrix & Light Jockey to control his club lights. Madrix is doing the heavy lifting, Light Jockey is only being used to control his analog RGB strips & CO2 jets. He has insisted that I transfer everything to Madrix, as he doesn't like having to go back & forth between programs. Is there a way to do this? Surely someone has figured this out! 😁

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Re: Using Madrix to trigger SPFX

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Hello RockitFX,

If you want to control only a few of the cryo jets an option would be to use the "MADRIX DMX Fader Tool".
Since MADRIX 5.6 was released the "DMX Fader Tool" consists of 24 Channels and is able to be triggered via DMX and MIDI input.

The "DMX Fader Tool" is working always LTP.
More about it you can learn under the following link: ... tools.html
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