Trigger Storage Place for a Defined Length of Time

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Trigger Storage Place for a Defined Length of Time

Post by cuthbec »

I have wall of pixels strips 8 high by 88 wide. I have configured an Orion to trigger a storage place for each quarter of the wall. The first input plays P1 on the first 22 strips, the second input plays P2 on the next 22 strips and so on for input 3 and 4.

I want to run a plasma effect across the whole wall and then trigger an explosion for 2 seconds for the appropriate 22 strips when an input on the Orion is triggered.

The wall will show plasma by default, but when a user hits input 1 the left hand 22 strips will show explosion for 2 seconds and when they hit 4 the right hand 22 strips will show an explosion for 22 seconds.

At the moment, I have plasma running on one deck and the explosions on the other deck. I set the crossfade to centre and it works well. All the mapping is good, the inputs are good, the explosions appear. I just need to know how to make the explosion disappear after 2 seconds.

The input is via an Arduino, so I can adjust the contact closure time to 2 seconds, if that helps.
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Re: Trigger Storage Place for a Defined Length of Time

Post by Guertler »

Hello cuthbec,

Of course you can create a solution also in the Arduino which is triggering the crossfader from right to left after 2 seconds.

But there are 2 other MADRIX internal options:

Option 1:
You are still wokring with 2 Storage Places.
- Simply add the desired cues to the cue list.
- Once the ORION is triggering MADRIX the Cue of the Cue list will be changed.
At the cues you can set a "Duration" of 2 seconds a "Follow Cue" to play the desired cue after the current cue was played.

Option 2:
Working with different Effect layers in one and the same Storage Place.
- One layer consist of the "SCE Plasma" Effect.
- All other layers consisting of the "SCE Explosion" effect which are mapped to the desired positions.
- For every layer with the "SCE Explosion" effect an "Effect Parameter Chaser" needs to be added.
- This chaser consits of 3 steps. At the first step the "Opacity" is set to 0, at the second step the "Opacity" is set to 255 and at the third step the "Opacity" is set again to 0.
- Now you can setup a Fade Time and a Wait Time per "Chaser Step". In your example the "Wait Time" will be set to 2.
- Furthermore the "Loop Count" for the playback needs to be set to 1.
- With the help of the "Effect Options" you can set the "Opacity Action" to "Restart".
The ORION can now trigger the Play command of the "Effect Parameter Chaser" per layer.
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