Looping Scenes without 'jump' at end

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Looping Scenes without 'jump' at end

Post by andrewpsyc »

Hi, when i create scenes in Madrix they loop fine, when i record to the AURA and set to endless loop you get that 'jump' at the end of a scene back to beginning. Is there any process i can apply either in Madrix or the Aura so i can get a perfect loop?
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Re: Looping Scenes without 'jump' at end

Post by Schulze »

Hi andrewpsyc,

There is a "loop finder" in the MADRIX 5 software, which works with .mrec records.

That means you will need to do a "MADRIX Record", find the loop and at the end you will need to convert this file into the AURAs file format (*.dxd) and upload it afterwards.

This works for example for the following effects:

- SCE Color Scroll
- SCE Wave / Radial
- SCE Graph

You will need to do the following steps:

1) In the MADRIX 5 software, please navigate to "Preferences" > "Options..." > "Recording" and change the "Target" to "MADRIX Record".
2) Start a new record by clicking at the record button in the "Layer Control" view. I recommend to record at least 1000 frames.
3) Navigate to "Tools" > "Record Editing" > "Record Editing" tab.
4) Select the recording from the list above and click at the "Find Loop" button. Wait for the process to finish.
5) In the same menu, now click on "Export".
6) In the last step convert this record into the "*.dxd" format in the "DXD Conversion" tab and upload the record to the AURA by using the MADRIX HARDWARE MANAGER.

Here you will find a detailed explanation:
https://help.madrix.com/m5/html/madrix/ ... rd+editing
https://help.madrix.com/hardwaremanager ... orage.html

I hope this helps you.
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