Updating Firmware

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Updating Firmware

Post by evolveinstall »

It would be a nice idea, if updating a Stella or Nebula for instance.

We get a prompt telling us the Pros and Cons, Back-up etc. It would be nice, if there was an additional button which would open the HTTP link, and screenshot the full device settings and save within a Madrix folder - or create a Text file which details the information before firmware upgrade.
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Re: Updating Firmware

Post by Guertler »

Hello evolveinstall,

Thank you for the input.

We will discuss this request with the developers and add it to the feature wish list of the Hardware Manager.
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Re: Updating Firmware

Post by btyerter »


As you say it would be a good idea to update Stella or Nebula for example.
So it gives us a prompt to tell us about pros and cons, backups, etc. And you said it would be nice, if it had an extra button that would open the HTTP link, and the whole device settings screen. takes a shot and saves it in the matrix folder. Yes, the text file that details the information before the firmware upgrade. If we do it differently, I also work on furniture.
Thanks !
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Re: Updating Firmware

Post by Chris889 »

I'm guessing that update is in the works, right?

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