Can we have some logic please

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Can we have some logic please

Post by webcentrik »

Madrix software is so powerful but lacking dramatically in the logic states for a standalone installation.

I have come up against this on a few jobs lately where I have had to use mutliple Orions or other products from other manufacturers to provide a simple button only user interface for the clients as we are unable to modify the ipad interface easily.

Something simple like if using the orion with momentary buttons, if you use individual buttons albeit only 8 per orion it works. If you use a rheostat you can potentially access multiple scenes or levels easily, if you then attempt this with a resistor ladder/multiplexer then it will recall the preset but as soon as you release the button the value drops back to 0. If you had some logic to ignore the 0v value then you could potentially build larger button panels using only 1 Orion. The Aura has this capability with its greater than/less than states, it seems crazy that the software with a computer behind it can't achieve the same result.

Or can we have some form of wysiwyg gui that we can design for an ipad etc.
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Re: Can we have some logic please

Post by Guertler »

Hello webcentrik,

Thank you for your input. We will definitely discuss it with the developers.

In the meantime you will be able to use simple Main Output Macros to get the wanted behavior of MADRIX.
The HTTP user interface can be adapted with the help of HTML code. That means if you or one of your colleagues is able to write HTML code, you will be able to modify or create a remote control user inteface for MADRIX.
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