Rookie having problems with scripts

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Rookie having problems with scripts

Post by Kalosia »

Hello and thanks in advance.

I have recently started working with Madrix and im very much enjoying the 3D matrixes.

I am however having some problems with scripting seeing as i have never ever worked with them in the past.

I have read the tutorials on scripting for nearly 2 weeks now and im nowhere closer to understadning how to do basic things.

What i am trying to do should be quite simple, i have a 3D matrix in which i need only a specific set of voxels to light up in a sequence, and as the last voxel is lit up it should start the same sequence again but with other voxels this time.

6 voxels are to be lit up in each sequence.

is there anyone proficient in this that might be able to help a rookie newbie?

Again, thanks in advance and have a great day.