OpenLighting Architecutre ArtNet node

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OpenLighting Architecutre ArtNet node

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Hello all,

I am working on a project where we would like to track the motion of users (XYZ coordinates) and use this as an input for MADRIX. For this we use TimeOfFlight Cameras which run on a Linux based system. Idea is to encode the positions of the tracked persons via DMX and send it via ArtNet to a Computer running MADRIX.

To generate the ArtNet Output on the Linux side we are using OpenLightingArchitecture (OLA). When opening MADRIX, the OLA ArtNet node is detected but I can only enable outputs for the Nodes but no Inputs in MADRIX 3.6h .

Why is that?

A work around is to enable SyncMode. Then the output of the OLA gets passed to the Input of MADRIX and everything works. However this doesn't work on all computers and I wasn't able to determine why it works on one but not on the other...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Richard
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Re: OpenLighting Architecutre ArtNet node

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Hello schaf82,

When you want to receive Art-Net data from another lighting controler in MADRIX 3, you have to work with the 'Art-Net Remote' in MADRIX. That means in the MADRIX 'Device Manager' ('Preferences > Device Manger') you have to enable 'Art-Net' and also the 'Art-Net Remote' at the 'Art-Net' tab. Now you need to configure the 'Art-Net Remote' interface and set the correct receiving IP-Address and DMX Universe. After you have configured it you can go to the 'DMX Devices' tab, enable the 'Remote Port' and go to the 'DMX Input' tab to configure it.
Under the following link you can learn how to work with an Art-Net input in MADRIX 3. You can jump over 'Step 2' in this tutorial: ... emote.html