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Post by AnthonyLP »

Hi all i am wanting to find out if there is any future addition to madrix 5 to be able to use circles.
In my designs i use circles & curves and the ability to patch with circles would be amazing.

Aslo with fixture grouping, i use kinetics with madrix 5 as well but the grouping is a problem when you have a square grid of winches and you want to just make the outer row of winches a group it wont work as when i assign that group in a map it will select all fixtures in the grid.
I hope i have explained my self ok, Is there away around these problems
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Re: Circles

Post by Schulze »

Hi AnthonyLP,

Patching Circles
- Patching complex shapes (in your case a circle), can be also done by unfolding them as a straight line, with the constraint that your patch will differ more from the reality. That would be the easiest way without having the need of readjusting the alignment of the fixtures on the grid. Therefore, the visual outcome is always a combination of the patch and the used effects. In that case the MADRIX 5 preview won't work as a visualizer, it should be seen as a technical preview, because it will differ from the reality. The preview will provide you an visual impression on how the effects look like in MADRIX 5.
- Please also note that the patch of shapes like circles in MADRIX 5 will always be an approximation to the reality due to the arrangement of the fixtures on a square grid.

Fixture Groups:
- MADRIX builds a bounding box around the fixtures, when creating a fixture group.
- MADRIX uses the bounding box of the fixture group with only its largest dimensions in X, Y, and Z. All effects inside the bounding box will be included for the rendering calculation.
- A workaround could be to bring the the inner fixtures of the square grid to another Z-layer.

I hope this helps you.
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Re: Circles

Post by Wissmann »

Regarding the patching of shapes and complex figures, it is important to mention the possibility to import csv files into the patch. This makes it possible to use other software (e.g. Cad software) to manage the positions.
LEDs are nothing without control ;-)
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