Auto mapping via Webcam/ external camera

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Auto mapping via Webcam/ external camera

Post by rbh-andy »

Hey guys,

I saw that some Christmas lightning (twinkly) has the appility to make auto mapping via a smartphone app.
My question now is , if Madrix can do something similar via webcam or external video input, which will help mapping in "difficult" environments ( like drawn led ball curtains) a lot.

By the way can I control twinkly fairy lights over Madrix?

Best Regards
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Re: Auto mapping via Webcam/ external camera

Post by Guertler »

Hello rbh-andy,

Thank you for the request.

At the moment it is not possible to use a Webcam or another Video input for creating the patch in MADRIX.
But you will be able to use a background image in the Patch Editor and create the Patch accrding to the imported background image.
It is also possible to import a fixture list as CSV. That means if you are able to create a CSV with for instance a CAD software or visualizer tool, simply export it and import it in MADRIX.

Regarding the twinkly fairy lights:
If the fixture can be controlled via DMX, Art-Net, sACN or SPI (lige digital LED tape) it would be possible to control the desired twinkly fairy lights with the MADRIX 5 software. Of course depending on the used protocol you will need further hardware interfaces.
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