Curve Issue

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Thierry D
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Curve Issue

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Continuing our tests with Madrix we noticed that the Get Curve brings a wrong description.
We should have:
0x01 Linear
0x02 Medium
Medium is the wrong description it is mixed up somehow with one description of the Response_Time PID.
We should get Square.
Other RDM controllers and test toosl do not any issues with the Curve Pid.

See below the Info Message that we received

Timestamp | Severity | Module | Message
2021/02/15 22:54:20 | Info | core.communication.rdm | "A GET_COMMAND_RESPONSE package for parameter [0x0344] CurveDescription with the response type NACK_REASON has been received from (@ U1 09AE:06500052. The reason is: [0x0006] Data Out Of Range (Value for given Parameter out of allowable range or not supported.)

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Re: Curve Issue

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Hi Thierry,

the log message you have posted refers to a NACK answer (not aknowledged) from the get command for the PID CURVE_DESCRIPTION. The get command for the PID CURVE is not used in your report as it does not contain the description for the curve.

Based on the NACK log message I can see that your fixture has reported a curve count higher than the number of supported curves. MADRIX RADAR uses the curve count reported in the CURVES command to get informations on each curve of the fixture via CURVE_DESCRIPTION. Please make sure your curve count matches the number of accessible curves.

To further analyse your report, please attach a Wireshark Record containing the communication during the collecting of curve informations or send it to if you do not want to make it publicly available in the forums.

Best regards
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