Stella 1800m daisy-chained

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Stella 1800m daisy-chained

Post by Dr. »

Hi, I have a project where I place DMX fixtures around a fortress. The outer length of the fortress walls is ~1.8km.

The idea is to have a centralized RACK system that has 3x AURA32 inside, and from there I daisy-chain STELLA-s.
There will be around 40 STELLA-s, and the distance between them is ranging from 30m up to 100m, where the majority of them will be at the distance of ~100m. So it's like this: RACK -> STELLA <- 100m -> STELLA <-100m -> STELLA....40 times

The question is, can a system like that work? Can I daisy-chain at such a long-distance?

Also is it a better option to connect 10 STELLA-s to one AURA, and have a total of 4 AURAs at that time.
Those AURAS would be split each for 1/4th of the fortress, and connected together with an ethernet switch. What is the max distance from one AURA to the first STELLA in line?

This is the top view of the project:
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Re: Stella 1800m daisy-chained

Post by Guertler »

Hello Dr,

Thank you for contacting us before the the start of the installation of the project.
It spounds like a very cool project.

According to the Ethernet specification it should be possible to have a distance of 100m between 2 Ethernet devices.
But in our tests we have figured out a maximum distance of 75m between 2 interfaces. If more than 75m between 2 interfaces is required, you have to add a signal ampifier. Every Ethernet switch will amplify the signal. In case of such long distances you should use high quality Ethernet cables. Otherwise the distance could be shortened.

It is up to you if you want to use 3 or 4 AURAs in that project. The AURAs will playback the data accroding to the record. If the cabeling is easier, it makes sense to split it into 4 parts.

Please note: In case of working with 40 STELLAs and 3 to 4 AURAs you should send the data in "Unicast" mode.
Under the following link you can learn how to setup the AURA to send the data in "Unicast" mode: ... nf&index=8
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