MADRIX 5.4e and Microsoft Windows 11 issues

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MADRIX 5.4e and Microsoft Windows 11 issues

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Altough Microsoft Windows 11 is not included in the MADRIX 5 system requirements, this guide will help you if MADRIX 5 crashes or it is not possible to launch the software.
Please note that the currently required operating system for MADRIX 5 is Microsoft Windows 10 (64 Bit)!

The reason for the issue:
- The issue can be caused by the MADRIX KEY driver, which is not compatible with Microsoft Windows 11.

How to solve it?
- The solution is to download the updated MADRIX KEY driver via the following link: ...

Steps to perform in order to solve the issue:
1) Close MADRIX 5.
2) Download the "" file from the link given above.
3) Launch the setup of the downloaded program and install it.
4) Wait for the process to finish and launch MADRIX 5.