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Introducing MADRIX 5



Ultimate LED Control

MADRIX 5 includes all the groundbreaking features of MADRIX 1, 2, and 3. Plus so much more. This is the overview over the main new features of MADRIX 5. Our team has worked really hard and continues to do so in order to implement features many of you have been asking for. We hope you like it.



All New


A New Effect Category

TRI Effects will be based on existing MADRIX Effects. On top, you can trigger them manually using DMX-IN or MIDI. This will add a whole new level of interaction.


A New Look And Feel

The user interface will be completely overhauled with helpful additions and useful reductions. Everything will be easier to read and easier to use.

Audio Playback

Audio Playback Of Videos

The media server capabilities will make a big leap. The audio track of videos can be put out directly. VJing will be more creative than ever.


Two Themes

Two fresh new GUI color schemes will allow you to work better in different environments. Choose freely between the dark theme and the light theme.



Unprecedented Performance

64 Bit

64-Bit Support

Support for 64-bit computing will not only provide access to more memory but also a performance boost for any existing system right out of the box.

Faster GUI

Faster GUI

The graphical user interface will react even faster. The improved speed is especially noticeable when changing between MADRIX Effects extremely quickly.



You Are in Control

SCE Rotating Shapes

New Effect

SCE Rotating Shapes will be another great and versatile addition to the large variety of built-in effects that are generated live for you.


New FX Filters

The new Brightness Graph, Color Swap, and Swap Transformation filters will include many new ways to quickly modify your visuals even further.



Patch Editor Improvements


CSV Fixture List Import

Importing CSV files will quickly generate complex patch layouts based on data of third-party software, such as visualizers or lighting design tools.

Background Image

Background Image

You will be able to load a background image into the Patch Editor and adapt it to your needs in order to help with the manual placement of fixtures.


Fixture List Printing And Export

The list of fixtures and their configuration can now be sent directly to a printer or exported as compact HTML list for better organization during set up.


Practical Extras

Many more details will be improved, such as user-defined fixture highlight and modes, quick adaptation to the mapped area and color depth in use, and more.



More Features Than Ever

  • Cue List Recording / Main Output Recording
  • Art-Net 4 Support
  • Streaming ACN E1.31 Unicast Support
  • Automatic Chaser Start
  • Preview Output Without Master
  • Direct Input For Vertical Sliders
  • Fixture Count Limit Per Universe
  • Apply DMX Start Channel To Each Universe
  • 3 Modes For Color Filters
  • And much more!



MADRIX 5 Preview




  • These are only a few examples of the new features of MADRIX 5. Learn about all the changes and improvements in the Release Notes
  • MADRIX 5 introduces a brand-new license system. Learn more about MADRIX Software
  • MADRIX 5 requires a valid, metallic MADRIX KEY including a MADRIX 5 License. Please contact your dealer!
  • MADRIX 5 only supports the metallic MADRIX KEYs. A plastic, green MADRIX KEY will not work.
  • The MADRIX 5 Software Update is free of charge if you have bought MADRIX Software on April 01, 2017 or any later date. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more All Products
  • You can get the MADRIX 5 Software Update at a discount if you have bought MADRIX Software before April 01, 2017.
  • MADRIX NEO is still a supported interface, but does not offer a MADRIX 5 License. A metallic MADRIX KEY with a valid MADRIX 5 License is required for output.
  • MADRIX PLEXUS is still a supported interface, but does not offer a MADRIX 5 License. A metallic MADRIX KEY with a valid MADRIX 5 License is required for output and file conversions.
  • It is not required to update to MADRIX 5. All MADRIX 3 products will continue to work.
  • We are skipping MADRIX 4 entirely. MADRIX 5 comes directly after MADRIX 3.
  • Software updates for MADRIX 3 that will include only bugfixes continue until May 07, 2019.
  • Project support for MADRIX 3 continues until May 07, 2020.



We have prepared the main features of MADRIX 5 in a single document for you to download in PDF file format.

Download MADRIX 5 Flyer

It Is Your Choice
MADRIX products are proudly designed, engineered, and made in Germany. We are creating high-quality products for you that are easy to use and reliable. Innovative features will bring you the best results. And opting for such highly manageable products means that you can drastically reduce on-site support; and thus your time and costs. But it does not stop there.

We Have Made Ours
We feel that our responsibility is more than just creating prime products. We are also responsible of how we create them. We are intentionally choosing eco power for our office. We have deliberately chosen cardboard as the main part of our product packaging, since it is a renewable resource. In this way, we are also actively minimizing our plastics usage to reduce the environmental impact.


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