MADRIX 5 - How to solve corrupted fonts

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MADRIX 5 - How to solve corrupted fonts

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MADRIX 5 appears with corrupted fonts as visible in the attachments.

The reason for the issue:
- The issue is caused by a faulty "Google Noto Sans Bold" font (version

How to solve it?
- The solution is to uninstall the "Google Noto Sans Bold" font from your computer or to download the updated font from our website.

Important information:
- There are two versions of the 'Google Noto Sans Bold' font available from different Google websites.
- Please make sure to use as download source.
- The faulty 'Google Noto Sans' font (version 1.04) is still available from, please don't use this website as download source.

Steps to perform in order to solve the issue:
1) In Windows, right-click on the 'Start' button and select 'Search'.
2) In the 'Search' bar, search for 'Font'.
3) Select 'Font settings' from the results.
4) In the 'Font Settings" menu, please enter 'Noto Sans' in the search bar.
5) Doubleclick 'Noto Sans' from the results, scroll all the way down to "Select a font face to see its metadata' and select 'Bold' from the list.
6) After selecting 'Bold' from the list, please click at 'Uninstall'. Wait for the process to finish.

If another software is in the need of the 'Noto Sans Bold' font, please download it here:
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