Venue: BamBam
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Manufacturers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain / MADRIX, Germany
Distributors: LEDSCONTROL, Spain
Installers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain
Architects: Zoo Studio
Lighting / Visual Designers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain


BamBam is a cocktail bar in Vietnam with a very welcoming atmosphere thanks to the simple but decisive lighting systems we have implemented. The goal was to create a perfect symbiosis between the interior design and the lighting design. That is why we applied the principles of architainment design, in which the technology is embedded in the architecture. The lighting purpose is to highlight the unique and creative architecture of this venue. At the same time, technology should only be a means to an end. While it should create an immersive scenery for everyone, it should also fade into the background as much as possible.

The space as a whole is dynamically dyed in different colors by its beautiful, dynamic stretch ceiling created with RGB LED strips. As the central element, it does not need to but can easily dominate the room if wanted. Our design helps to transform the venue from a dining room into a highly energetic, ultra-lounge party in no time.

You will also find white LED strips on the perimeter of the central pool. When mixed with the blue color of the tiles, it creates a truly unique atmosphere. BamBam is the perfect place to warm up before experiencing the local nightlife, such as Commas Club.


The main challenge was to find this symbiosis between the interior design and the lighting design. Everything should be as seamless as possible between architecture and lighting. Furthermore and from a practical standpoint, we wanted to hide the technology in a way that it is also easy to access and maintain.

Being a small place, BamBam is a very good example of what architainment means. It achieves simplicity and at the same time its well-curated visual content is highly adaptive. Here, you forget about the technology. You cannot see it, but you can feel it during the night when everything pulsates to the rhythm of the music.


Venue: Commas
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Manufacturers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain / MADRIX, Germany
Distributors: LEDSCONTROL, Spain
Installers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain
Architects: Zoo Studio
Lighting / Visual Designers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain


MONDO-DR Award Shortlist 2020

Commas was voted one of the top 4 nightclub projects of the MONDO-DR Awards 2020.


The original design created by our company proposes a new way of giving life and movement to light. It provides a vibrant and cutting-edge nightlife experience in the Southeast Asian region.

"The form is diverse, the substance is consistent": We set the trend with a 13×17 rectangular grid of 3-pixels-deep sticks to create an innovative three-dimensional, low-resolution, "analog-digital" look and feel. This effect is highlighted by the mirrors located at the top of each of them. We celebrate that the client was open to our idea of using an alternative backdrop for the DJ; something that is more oriented to be a light-art piece in order to break the traditional array of LED screens that is commonly used in these kinds of spaces. The kinetic frames located on the sides and the ceiling form a unique array. They provide the space with the perfect dynamism to generate a complete atmosphere that adapts to the music as well as the events that are held in the venue.


Our biggest challenge has been working times. We always met our times but sometimes due to external factors, work times had been altered and we were forced to make an extra effort to finish the project within the deadline that the client had assigned us or that we had assigned –no matter how much it had changed.

Commas is one of the first projects in which lighting defines the architecture. It was a pleasant surprise to see how the light leads the architectural structures. We bet on something different. We bet on a light-art bespoke piece behind the DJ and not a simple LED screen. In all of its context, this project has a special singularity.


Venue: SOHO Club
Location: New Delhi, India
Manufacturers: Ashowled, China / Charming, China / Hi-Lite, China / MADRIX, Germany
Installers: Chintan Patel - Lighting & Sound Consultants, India
Architects: Lovepreet Singh, India
Lighting / Visual Designers: Chintan Patel - Lighting & Sound Consultants, India


SOHO Club is the new hotspot in New Delhi's nightlife. The goal was to bring different facets of the clubbing experience together and to blend them to create a great experience. India's nightlife is thriving and SOHO wants to facilitate this while creating its own style.

The venue is a huge space. This created all kinds of opportunities for lighting designer Chintan Patel to do a lot. The club features a diverse range of equipment and products which gives each and every area of the club a different look. Still, everything blends together to let the entire place appear as one big nightclub.

Different lighting patterns and effects are created with moving heads, beams/spots, LED par cans, roller beams, lasers, and 4-pixel bars in order to keep it interesting throughout the night. CO2 jets, confetti blasts, and special lighting effects complement the main lights.

LED strips on the side walls make these walls come to life and add to the mood of the place. A large, 22-feet LED wall provides a huge stage backdrop and achieves a grand feeling. Static LED lights on the bar create an interesting visual main pillar and provide ambient light. They create a fairly different area in the club where people can see each other and engage in conversation.

The Transformers face was new in India and the owner loved it. We simply had to incorporate the face into the design.

A lot of thought had gone inside the planning stage together with architect Lovepreet Singh as well as lighting designer Henry Schmidt. While we had to take many aspects into consideration, it needed to become a classy place. Eventually, everything worked out as planned. The colorful lighting elements and the classy interiors complement each other brilliantly at this venue.

The moving heads, LED strips, the Transformers face, the pixel balcony wall, and the LED wall are all programmed in a way that each element is the highlight of the club at any given time.

It was a long list of products that had to be sourced and as such procurement and logistics were equally challenging. Since several items did not work as we wanted, we had to troubleshoot and repair equipment on site in order to get everything up and running.

All the compliments we received after people visited the club really made us proud. What is the point in doing it if nobody likes it?


Venue: Esencia 501
Location: Aguadulce/Almería, Spain
Manufacturers: Akai Professional, USA / Crown, USA / DBX, USA / EcuDap, Spain / MADRIX, Germany / Martin Professional, USA / Pioneer DJ, Japan / Resolume, The Netherlands / Void Acoustics, UK
Distributors: Mundo RGB Tecnología Digital, S.L.
Installers: In Out Soluciones Audiovisuales, S.L.
Architects: Alejandro Martin Vizcaíno, Spain
Lighting / Visual Designers: Mundo RGB – Antonio Solvas Duarte, Spain
Acousticians: Mundo RGB – Antonio Solvas Duarte, Spain


MONDO-DR Award Shortlist 2021

Esencia 501 was voted one of the top 4 bar & restaurant projects of the MONDO-DR Awards 2021.


The auditory experience complements the visual one. We were looking for sharpness and depth in the sound quality and chose to install 16 Void Acoustics speakers, model Venu 8, 2 Void Acoustics low-frequency speakers, model Venu 215, the DBX processor Zone Pro 1261 M model, a EcuDap XBASIS noise limiter, and a Stage Sound Crown XTi power amplifier.

The DJ has access to a white Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 mixer together with two white Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2.


Esencia 501 was searching for something totally different. Something special for their avid guests. A lighting design that would bring the bar to life.

Antonio Solvas Duarte and Mundo RGB had demonstrated their experience and ability to innovate and adapt technology in many previous projects. So they were brought in to maximize the potential of the venue. And they have proven that creating a spectacular project within only 5 days before the opening is indeed possible.


We were very aware of the need to integrate all the different elements, combining them into a complimentary whole, and adapting them to the various forms and structures of the venue. One of the drawbacks of this installation was that the establishment only had a height of 2.8 meters. That is why we had to choose products that would allow us to obtain a beautiful result without using equipment that would be too bulky. Digital LED strip lighting, small moving heads, and small but high-performance speakers helped us achieve that.

We had the particular goal to create an environment where the light by itself was capable of creating the entire atmosphere. It should not only be a visual experience for the guest, but also be the protagonist of the whole; albeit in a much reduced workspace.


In order to achieve this goal, around 1 kilometer of digital LED stripes with 60 LEDs per meter were installed inside aluminum profiles with light diffusers on top. You can see the linear elements all around the venue; in front of the bar and behind it, along the pillars and the DJ booth.

In order to break this linearity, the concept of "the heart of light" was further introduced. This visual highlight is able to transform the little space that is available in front of the bar into a dance floor area. It is a stunning canopy above and as a round element, it also nicely integrates the name of the venue several times. You will find these little details all over the place.


MADRIX NEBULA interfaces act as hardware controllers and extra 60W LED beam moving heads are controlled by Martin Light Jockey for DMX control. An Akai APC 40 is being used as easily accessible MIDI controller for the entire system.

The main characteristics of the installation are its versatility and dynamic energy, achieved by both the arrangement of the individual elements as well as the play of colors. This is all thanks to the digital lighting and MADRIX Software with all of the impressive possibilities it offers.


The main challenge of this installation was to do it only in 5 days. Everything could be done in this short period of time thanks to outstanding systems design work beforehand and an efficient programming workflow.

During the planning phase, we scanned the space in all 3 dimensions with a Leica BLK360 scanner. It generated a data cloud with which we could model and visualize the entire installation in SketchUp and knew in advance what was necessary down to the millimeter before implementing and installing the design.


We have achieved a spectacular result for this installation in terms of lighting, visuals, and sound in a very small venue and in a very short period of time.


Venue: Zouk Genting Highlands
Location: Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manufacturers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain / MADRIX, Germany / HERA LED, Turkey / Acme, China / EK Lights, China / Minuit Une, France / Elation Professional, USA / Martin Lighting, USA / MA Lighting, Germany / Smoke Factory, Germany / MagicFX, The Netherlands / Void Acoustics, UK
Distributors: E&E, Singapore / D8 Digital Aid Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Installers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain
Architects: Quirk & Associates Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Lighting / Visual Designers: LEDSCONTROL, Spain
Acousticians: AV Technology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


After completing the lighting and set design of Zouk Singapore in 2016, our LEDSCONTROL team was asked by the Genting Group to create a new concept for their new Zouk at Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur. Taking their plan to create a series of music clubs worldwide into consideration, we decided to consider Zouk Singapore as their headquarters and developed the concept of creating a network of connected spaces and experiences, which are recognizable for their visual uniqueness and where people have the desire to belong.

We imagine Zouk as a global brand, with their clubs being part of the same family, but at the same time each with its own identity within the group. That is why we decided to continue with the UFO concept, evolving our initial approach and finding new solutions as well as an updated look and feel. We had the idea of movement and migration in our head; turning a flock of birds, that moves from one country to another, into a squadron of spaceships.


We built 3 lighting sculptures with a sci-fi design from scratch: a mothership (6 meters in diameter) and two squadships (3 meters in diameter). All of the elements were custom made, creating an iron hanging structure with internal pieces and a perforated outer aluminum skin. Several processes of the metal and plastic industry were used: laser-cutting, CNC milling, bending, MIG welding, and powder-coating painting, among others.

The entire LED system was custom made adapting 500 meters of RGBW digital LED strips, 2,500x 1.5W RGBW pixels, and 160x HERA LED 5W RGBW pixels. We also added different lighting fixtures that hang from the same spaceships: 36x Acme LED-MB4B FC, 20x EK Lights Orb 300 LED blinders, and 3x Minuit Une Pyramid lasers.


We also added an architainment lighting design touch to the walls by hiding the technology into a metal mesh that surrounds the whole venue with a total of 2,000 meters of RGBW digital LED strips with a custom-made black diffusor created specifically for Zouk Genting Highland.

Moreover, we included 60x Acme XP-5R Beam, 24x Martin Lighting RUSH MH 6, 40x Elation Professional ACL 360 Bars, 20x Martin Lighting Atomic 3000, 6x Smoke Factory hazers, and different MagicFX devices for special effects.

A grandMA 2 full-size is controlling the lighting fixtures, while the complete LED system is controlled using MADRIX Art-Net nodes (12x MADRIX STELLA, 5x MADRIX LUNA 16, and 4x MADRIX LUNA 8) with the MADRIX 5 KEY ultimate software.


We prefer to use digital LED solutions for having control over each individual LED pixel. This offers us enormous versatility in terms of programming, and thus we are able to create different lighting moods and to play with the venue's atmosphere.

We value perception and feeling over technical solutions. We believe technology should only be used as a tool that is kept in the background. Designing and creating fully custom-made lighting objects and sculptures provides us completely with that opportunity. These bespoke pieces allow spectators to ignore the technological complexity while venturing into the unique atmosphere that sound and light create.


Creating a large solution from scratch forces us to focus immensely on the details. Budget and schedule priorities do not allow us to follow an extensive prototyping process, as is the case in the product design industry, for example. For this reason, we decided to concentrate during prototyping mainly on how our lighting designs are perceived as well as the sensations we want to create. We use engineering and 3D software to carry out virtual structural calculations and foresee industrial and mechanical processes.

Our large structures and lighting objects, in contrast with tight ceiling load limits, drove us to find solutions using durable yet lightweight materials. In the case of the exterior aluminum skin for example, we found out that we could only afford to use 1-mm-thin sheets because of this weight issue. Our design and engineering team used different laser-cutting and industrial bending procedures to achieve extra stiffness, volumetric finishes, and at the same time helped to avoid additional joints.

Everything was created and built in Barcelona, Spain. We fully tested and assembled every single object and solution, allowing us to adjust and modify any possible issue we may face before the final assembly at the venue in Kuala Lumpur.


We believe in providing spectators and users with a truly unique experience. The only way to do that, in our opinion, is to avoid prefabricated solutions that would look like coming out of mass production.

The principle "form follows the function" could be replaced, in our specific case, with "technology follows the feeling". For this project, we began to design based on the feeling and atmosphere that we wanted the viewer to perceive. Technology simply is a tool for us to achieve that goal. We have visited many places in the past that are based on impressive technical solutions and hardware. However, we have the feeling that the ultimate goal behind them is to merely show off the many capabilities. We aim to create a space with soul, and we like to think that in Zouk Genting Highlands we have achieved that.