Venue: Nova Restaurant & Lounge
Location: Allentown, PA, USA
Manufacturers: Chauvet, USA / MADRIX, Germany / SONNEMAN, USA / Tirso Lighting, USA / WAC Lighting, USA
Distributors: Inner Circle Distribution, USA
Installers: Tirso Lighting, USA
Lighting / Visual Designers: Tirso Lighting, USA


For this project, we were responsible for not only for the lighting design but also for the design of the interior. We were commissioned by the managing partner of Nova Lounge to create a futuristic design that would create a great atmosphere for the guests and customers.

We achieved this by designing a series of linear, aluminum light boxes. These aluminum structures where all built off site and delivered with all of the lighting already pre-installed. We took this approach to reduce the amount of days that this establishment had to close for. This business was only closed for 9 days while renovations were being conducted. We are pleased to say that the project was an overall success and that the end product we created speaks for itself.


The lighting used was:
7x SONNEMAN - Gotham Light Pendant,
3x SONNEMAN - Gotham 5 Light Pendant,
70x WAC Lighting - Summit Track Head - Black,
200 Feet of Linear H-Track,
1x Chauvet - EVE E-50Z Gobo Projector,
1000+ Feet of RGB Led Strips,


In the end, a very distinct look was achieved by creating modern patterns that look intriguing on their own as decoration elements but even more so when the light comes on since they are back-illuminated.

The control system we opted to go with for this restaurant was MADRIX. The MADRIX Software runs on its own dedicated computer from which the client has the option to use the touch screen and select presets or they can use a mobile, tablet-sized device which has an onboard app which can be used to trigger presets as well. This allows for very easy control of the system to choose from simple scenes with solid colors to more dynamic, pixel-mapped effects.


Some of the challenges we faced in this project had to do mostly with building the aluminum structures and sourcing the covers that were made from a plastic. We did not want any seams on the face of the structure where the design lies. Therefore, we had to find a plastic that was 33 feet long for the longest piece and 18 feet long for one of the shorter pieces.


Venue: Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof
Location: Berlin, Germany
Manufacturers: eFour Media Architecture, Germany / MADRIX, Germany
Distributor: Visionstage, Germany
Installers: eFour Media Architecture, Germany
Architects: Sundukovy Sisters, Russia
Lighting / Visual Designers: Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung, Germany

Photos: Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung
Photographers: Linus Lintner


MONDO-DR Award Shortlist 2018

Hotel Pullman was voted one of the top 4 bar & restaurant projects of the MONDO-DR Awards 2018.


The interior design of the entrance, bar, and restaurant area of this five-star hotel in Berlin was to follow two main design criteria: the German Bauhaus design style and 'zoo' as design theme, an inspiration caused by the proximity to the Berlin Zoo. A volumetric, three-dimensional light sculpture as key element of the interior design was translated into an 18 m wide and 10 m deep 3D LED installation comprising of nearly 900 custom-designed, 360-degree viewable LED tubes made by eFour Media Architecture in a high-quality architectural finish. Content for the volumetric LED install with individually-controllable pixels is generated and scheduled using a MADRIX server that outputs DVI video data in 'mapping mode' to the central video processor of the LED install.


Content of the 3D light sculpture had to follow the main architectural design theme, hence the content is based on animal and zoo elements. The various lighting scenes had to change during the course of the year following the seasons of the year as well as Christmas times. Furthermore, the content had to vary intensity and dynamics during the day. Since the entire installation is requested to run 24/7 and totally independently, a playback system was needed that incorporates an astronomic clock as well as a true calendar function that allows auto-calculations of start dates of the seasonal content and events for every new calendar year. In its final programming, the three-dimensional install displays waving grass fields with butterflies, fishes swimming in waving water, falling leaves in autumn, as well as snowflakes, sparkles, and burning candles during the festive seasons. A special 'highlight scene' is processed every day at 7 PM showing 'the metamorphoses of animals', where the guest can enjoy snakes, fishes, zebras, even elephants.


Neither hardware nor software are 'off the shelf'. The vertical LED tubes have been tailor made by eFour Media Architecture based on a very detailed specification provided by the lighting consultants of Kardorff Ingenieure. The MADRIX Software had to be extended with specially-programmed macro functionality to allow for the use of the astronomic time and calendar events, and guarantee 24/7 independent operation. No less challenging was the fact that the entire installation has been executed while the hotel was kept entirely open to the public, which put the installation on a very strict time schedule and the execution of the installation had to be divided into multiple phases.


The project is a perfect example of how urban characteristics, modern and state-of-the-art technology, as well as the most aesthetic content creation are combined, and lead to a pleasant and exiting viewers experience.


Venue: Granada Luxury Belek Hotel
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Manufacturers: Hera LED, Turkey / MADRIX, Germany
Distributors: Hera LED, Turkey
Installers: Hera LED, Turkey
Architects: Mısırlıoğlu Architecture, Turkey
Lighting / Visual Designers: Hera LED, Turkey


The 5-star Granada Luxury Resort Hotel is a project of superlatives. While being grand in size and ultimately in the number of lighting products used, the preferred lighting style is carefully defined to a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin. As a result, the building that unites the neoclassical style with a modern architecture shines exclusively in a beautiful warm white.


Our Ledstrip 30WW is used for 3435 meters with 720x separately addressed X-CV3 constant-voltage LED drivers on all balconies. 5323x PD60S 3000K Pixel Dots were used in hotel sections, floor finishes, and roof domes. They are thoroughly painted in colors that hide them in the walls and other elements of the building (white, cream, and blue). Also, a total of 11,779x PD130 3000K chain pixel products have been installed in interwoven patterns. Being a solution for helical surfaces, they ensure illumination on a homogeneous surface without creating shadows. In addition, 182x Procolor 35WW 3000K and 486x Procolor 10WW 3000K washers were used to accentuate the walls. All 3000K LEDs that were used work in the narrow MacAdam 2-step ellipse.


The entire, automated lighting system with our special DMX relays is controlled by a full MADRIX system (7x MADRIX LUNA 16, 2x MADRIX LUNA 8, 1x MADRIX KEY ultimate). The very special visual appearance could be achieved by combining and controlling the different fixtures, or all 3000K, single-color lights. The concept has been design to complement the exterior illumination of the neoclassical and modern architecture as well as the detailed structures of the hotel.


The large scale of the project made coordination with other departments that were involved difficult in order to provide trouble-free lighting at thousands of points without even a single cable being visible. In 35 m heights, the dome illuminations need to be installed by climber teams rappeling down from the top.


Venue: Konya Büyükşehir Stadium
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Manufacturers: Hera LED, Turkey / MADRIX, Germany
Distributors: Hera LED, Turkey
Installers: Hera LED, Turkey
Architects: Bahadır Kul Architects, Turkey
Lighting / Visual Designers: Hera LED, Turkey


MONDO-DR Award Shortlist 2018

Konya Stadium was voted one of the top 4 sporting venues of the MONDO-DR Awards 2018.


The design of Konya Metropolitan Stadium is a synthesis of contemporary structures and cultural clues, and an architectural highlight no matter what time of day it is. The large arena does not only stand out from the rest of the surrounding city buildings, but simply plays in a design league of its own.


By day, the facade is dominated by triangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal shapes that are often used in Seljuk structures. These tiles are painted in green and white, conforming to the colors of the local soccer team of European football. Metal gutters pass through the facade and are used to define the geometric forms, to drain the roof water, and to install the linear LED lighting system.

That is why, by night, it becomes something else entirely. The exterior turns into a large-scale LED media facade against the dark bringing out the asymmetrical design even more prominently. Fluid animations, moving visuals, and colorful and energetic effects are a highlight for visitors and passers-by alike.


Choosing the right products was paramount. 3578 meters of specially-produced RGB strip of the Hera Sword series have been installed in order to provide fixtures that could convince with their reliable operation in high and low temperatures, DMX support, IP67 conformity, durable materials, lumen output, handling, and pixel mapping.

628x X-CV3 constant-voltage LED drivers as well as 18x DS-4 fully-isolated splitters make sure that power and data are reliably provided over the entire facade. 4x MADRIX LUNA 8 Art-Net controllers receive the data from the MADRIX lighting control software (1x MADRIX KEY professional). Besides the standard animations, various shows are also programmed with the individual colors of invited guest teams.


This project presented various challenges due to the nature of the building and its structures as well as the short installation time of 3 months during the winter season with heavy snowfall. They were mainly overcome by a team of 9 climbers.


Venue: Delphin Botanik Exclusive Resort
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Manufacturers: Hera LED, Turkey / MADRIX, Germany
Distributors: Hera LED, Turkey
Installers: Hera LED, Turkey
Architects: KRT Architect, Turkey
Lighting / Visual Designers: Hera LED, Turkey


The goal for the lighting concept of the Delphin Botanik Exclusive Resort simply was to integrate a comprehensive RGB LED lighting design for the entire building that made the hotel stand out from its competitors in the area and would be an entertaining and fun eye-catcher for guests and potential visitors.

In the project, all balconies of the hotel are illuminated with our Ledstrip 30 RGB, functioning as 1 pixel. A total of 4260 meters was installed. The strips are used as RGB color fixture in combination with 655x of our X-CV3 constant-voltage LED drivers and each balcony is individually addressed using pixel mapping.


Dynamic and colorful effects are also created with help of our PD60 RGB Pixel Dots on the roof and for the central domes. 12x Power Pack 320 are used for their supply of power. They are especially useful in projects with large cable lengths since they integrate a fully-isolated DMX splitter. The fact that all products are using the RDM protocol, ensured a successful commissioning process and group-wide remote addressing after the entire assembly process had been finished.


1x MADRIX KEY professional control system communicates with 8x MADRIX LUNA 4 nodes that are distributed over large distances throughout the entire hotel via Ethernet and Art-Net. The lighting system had to be controlled from a single room and thus had to branch out to the different sections.

A variety of lighting scenes has been written on a day-by-day and hour-by-hour basis in order to meet the client's requirements for the exterior lighting. In addition, lighting scenarios are accompanied by various scenes that run in sync with the music when required.


Probably the biggest challenge was that the site of the hotel was very big. Coordination between the departments and communication between our experienced team came in handy with the help of radio sets. The project was completed in 3 months with an assembly team of 8 members working intensively.